PMO Consulting


The underlying philosophy of IntePros Federal’s Program Management Office (PMO) consulting  practice is creating a carefully planned work environment complemented by closely  monitored, measured  performance of all task activities.  Our goal is to assure that our  customers receive the highest quality services and products   that are consistent with program requirements and performance standards. We strive for excellence in every aspect of contract performance.

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IntePros Federal understands that managing complex information technology projects across multiple agencies within an evolving departmental infrastructure requires effective measures for overcoming major challenges and mitigating potential interoperability risks. We have tailored our management processes to effectively address unique growth and integration challenges. To plan, execute, control, and monitor service delivery, integration, and quality, we use IntePros Federal’s Program Management Guide (PMG) and the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)  guidelines. The PMG includes tools, checklists, guides, and techniques for clarifying and resolving issues; creating an ongoing framework for making decisions; promoting and validating the quality of work products; achieving prompt and mutual acceptance of deliverables; and facilitating communication, coordination, and cooperation.

Our Program Management approach includes:.

Develop and Manage the Program – We implement practical, effective, and efficient program management practices; develop a Program Management Plan (PMP), which is a formal, approved, version-controlled document that guides program execution and control.

The PMP, developed and maintained by IntePros Federal in coordination with our customers, includes a project schedule describing all program deliverables, activities, and personnel needed to execute the project in full compliance with the SOW;  a project work breakdown structure (WBS) to define the scope of work; a staffing plan; a   program/project matrix that  defines work responsibilities and partnerships between the government and contractor support entities;  and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to define how the work will be  managed.

Define and Manage Requirements and Procedures – Consistent with leading integration management practices defined within the PMBOK, we  use the PMP to establish and integrate SOPs and use associated templates and naming standards for the following management processes:

  • Configuration Management
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Risk and Issue Management
  • Change Control
  • Schedule Management
  • Program Status Reporting
  • Quality Management
  • Staff Management
  • Financial Management
  • Communications Management
  • Benefits Realization
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • CPIC and EVMS


Specialized Expertise in CPIC and EVMS – IntePros Federal has strong resources and processes in place to support  the CPIC and EVM IT Investment process, combined with  the experience to implement effective and efficient CPIC and EVM services that require trusted advisor interface with finance, budgeting, program performance oversight, enterprise architecture, IT security and privacy, electronic governance , IT accessibility, and other domains of IT Investment management responsibility.

IntePros Federal staff  has experience and skills to obtain the following outcomes:

  • Provide qualitative and quantitative performance measurement and analysis of the government business case performance management data in support of the annual OMB budget submissions that meet the OMB A-11 CPIC requirements
  • Ensure compliance of acquisition policy and practices with OMB A-11 CPIC Earned Value Management requirements
  • Provide timely CPIC guidance and direction to the programs that result in quality program performance status being submitted to OMB
  • Support CPIC Earned Value Management training to program offices and subject matter experts preparing and providing input to the Exhibit 53/300 and ITDB reports to OMB