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IntePros Federal supports full service information technology (IT)  solutions to include systems integration, network operations, information assurance execution, end-user support, asset management, and procurement. IntePros Federal has provided cloud migration of major applications.

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Systems Integration and Cloud Migration

IntePros Federal brings together systems and applications in order to meet our clients IT requirements utilizing a variety of disciplines such as project management, systems engineering, integration testing, change management, and release management.

Systems Engineering

IntePros Federal provides systems engineering to include elicitation, capture, analysis and tracking of system requirements, specifications, and technical designs in order to meet functional performance requirements. IntePros evaluates, designs, and provides architectural technical performance capabilities related to proper systems integration of the architecture in order to synthesize the diverse IT systems and networks.

Test and Evaluation

We conduct functional unit-level, end-user, and overall systems-level testing for properly integrating new applications and systems into the IT enterprise architecture. IntePros maintains our clients’ test infrastructure environment and ensures there is no impact to the operational network environment.


Change Request (CR) Management

Our team provides Requirements Managers that support CR processing, evaluation, monitoring, and execution in accordance with Government guidance and the documented CR process. IntePros monitors performance of the change process, collects key metrics in order to continually improve performance, and provides real-time, online status reports on CR that are accessible to the requestor and OCIO representatives. Our approach is centered on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) guidelines and uses the BMC Remedy system for processing CRs.


Configuration Management (CM), Release Management (RM)

IntePros Federal has a CM/RM program that accounts for all IT assets, provides accurate and timely information to support IT processes, verifies records on the infrastructure, and related connectivity. Our CM program and processes are based on industry best practices and include a configuration control board (CCB) process to validate any and all configuration items (CI) introduced to Joint Staff networks.

Product Operations and Integration

We provide support to operate and maintain the evolving capabilities used within the our clients’ enclaves and the information assurance requirements associated with these evolving capabilities. IntePros documents areas needing enhancement, assesses prioritization of upgrades, and estimates work complexity for Government review in order to monitor and promote necessary and sound upgrades to network systems and applications.

Network Operations, Maintenance and Services

We perform network management to include controlling, planning, allocating, deploying, coordinating, and monitoring the resources necessary for proper network operations, maintenance, and services. IntePros provides high-quality IT capabilities and services that are expertly integrated with our clients’ business processes.

Network Infrastructure Management

IntePros Federal manages the entire IT computing environment (standalone or networked) to include data center systems, desktop workstations, hardware, software, peripherals, hand-held and laptop devices, and network connectivity required by end-users to perform their jobs.

Server Management and Administration

Our team operates and maintains all production, test, and development servers. IntePros performs server administration activities to include account management, monitoring and auditing system logs, backup and recovery, security, managing operating systems, and storage management. IntePros tests and installs operating system upgrades and patches in a timely manner consistent with security, information assurance, and change control requirements.


Data Center Management and Administration

IntePros Federal manages the our clients’ data center environment (hardware and software) to ensure maximum availability for users. IntePros maintains server operating systems at the versions required by our clients. IntePros creates and maintains documentation to support the testing, installation, operations, and maintenance.


Network Connectivity and Cabling

Our team installs and maintains cabling to ensure proper operation of the site network, internally, and proper interfaces to external networks. IntePros gathers and documents requirements for infrastructure network wall-plate connections and coordinates with the appropriate organizations for connectivity.


Applications and Systems Management

IntePros manages, maintains, and administers our clients’ applications and systems and ensures system functionality as well as service availability.

Database Administration

IntePros designs, develops, deploys, sustains, and provides reliable access to databases; maintains system uptime, in order to achieve the business needs of the organization.


Web-Platform Management and Development

IntePros provides a Web-platform management and development team that consists of three main areas: 1) Sustainment, 2) Content Management and Development, and 3) Multimedia Administration and Public Affairs Support.


Continuity of Operations (COOP)

Our team maintains the ability to meet contingency operations (emergency disruptions and disaster recovery), continuity of business operations, and surge conditions. Contingency operations ensure continuation of services during periods of crisis such as natural disasters, enemy acts, and exercises.


Incident and Problem Management

We have an incident and problem management program and related SOP in order to resolve user issues, correct the root cause of incidents, and minimize any adverse impact to users.


End-User Support

IntePros Federal has a problem management program in order to resolve the root cause of incidents in a timely fashion and minimize the adverse impact of incidents and problems on business that are caused by vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure and to prevent recurrence of incidents related to same.


IT Service Desk

Due to continually evolving IT technologies, IntePros Federal maintains a Service Desk Proficiency Training Plan and Status Report for all tiers that documents all staff training (planned and completed), certifications, qualifications, and knowledge of enterprise IT capabilities. IntePros provides a continuously manned IT service desk.


Help Desk Support

IntePros Federal provides specialized Help Desk support. Our team supports end-user training with access to training materials, technical support, and similar assistance in order to help users with system familiarity.