Social Security Administration (SSA)

Social Security Administration (SSA) Office of Systems (OS)

IT Systems Support

Services Included:
• IT Systems Support
• Software Life-Cycle Support (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation)
• Internet Services (Web architecture, design, development, testing, implementation and training)


IntePros Federal provided IT systems support to Social Security Administration (SSA) Office of Systems (OS), which comprised analysis, design, development, and implementation of new and efficient software to support the SSA programmatic, administrative, management information, and office automation systems.
Technical staff with highly specialized skills in current and advanced technologies performed the contract requirements. Technology services provided included accomplishing SSA strategic initiatives; providing full software lifecycle support; providing technical support for software engineering and database activities; performing analytical and research activities; software process improvement and software engineering management activities; and transferring private-sector knowledge to SSA.
Staff assisted the SSA in software testing, requirements validation, development and deployment, training and Web services. Our staff led a validation team to assess and approve the Web-based applications designed to convert and replace legacy mainframe and paper-driven processes and integrate with a third-party business partner. We planned and designed the test strategy, resource usage, tools, and test data; confirmed test case coverage and identified security requirements; and created detailed system scenarios to outline the system process flow, expectations, and results. Scenarios provided analysts, testers, and developers with one-stop guidelines for building requirements, code, and test cases.
IntePros Federal acted as the central point-of-contact for triage and tracking of all defects and Web, mainframe, and Web services. Our staff trained team members on the new systems, providing an understanding of requirements and system operations. We provided experts in structured translator language (STL) development and deployment; conducted training sessions for Web content administrators and Web masters; and provided training and education sessions focused on a variety of topics, such as how to leverage platform functionality and use advanced features.
Contract support also included capturing and documenting new feature requests for consideration by the change control board; providing one-on-one training and support (e-mail, phone, in person) for Drupal and Web 2.0 content administrators; and management and administration of a training knowledge base that centralizes and captures the organizational knowledge for using and running the Drupal and Web 2.0 Content Management System. Our staff provided technical planning, design, development, testing, implementation, and management of Internet efforts which included systems and applications development and technical management of Web sites. We managed Web services and product deployment, such as Web architecture development, Web engineering, Web design, and Web software development.