TRICARE OCIO: Services include:
• Technical, Administrative, and Organizational Support
• Research and Analysis
• High-level Briefing and Documentation
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IntePros Federal provides technical assistance to the Military Health System (MHS) OCIO of the TRICARE Management Activity. Technical and administrative support includes providing advice and assistance to the OCIO and subordinate divisions on organizational matters, including realignment and reorganization, and collaboration with the Interagency Program Office. IntePros Federal staff assists the OCIO in developing briefings for non-IT executives; coordinating the results of the research and analysis contained in white papers, decision papers, manuscripts, magazine articles, book reviews or presentations; advising on information-sharing agreements among and between non-DoD health care-related agencies; and providing research and analysis associated with information technology and information systems used in various media such as white papers and memoranda within and outside the MHS CIO. IntePros Federal staff assists the OCIO by providing economic and budgetary analyses to include mathematical modeling, flowcharting, numerical analysis presentation development and structured research. Administrative staff assists in scheduling, preparing documentation, proof-reading, coordinating meetings, working groups, and training events, and in making travel arrangements using the Defense Travel System (DTS).