SeaPort-e is the Navy’s electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management.  The Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, NAVFAC, and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research, the United States Marine Corps, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) compete their service requirements amongst 1800+ SeaPort-e IDIQ multiple award contract holders.

The SeaPort-e portal provides a standardized, efficient means of soliciting offers from amongst the diverse population of large and small businesses and their approved team members.  All task orders are competitively solicited, awarded and managed using the SeaPort-e platform.  Since nearly 85% of its contract–holders are small businesses, the SeaPort-e approach to acquiring services provides opportunity that fuels the Nation’s engine of job growth.


Simply stated, SeaPort-e provides an efficient and effective means of contracting for professional support services and enhancing small business participation.



Our SeaPort-e, IntePros Federal TEAM   – IntePros Federal, ManTech and SRA

Our SeaPort-e Team is led by IntePros Federal and has formal teaming agreements in place with ManTech International (ManTech), and Systems Research and Applications Corp. (SRA) to work with our company as subcontractors on SeaPort-e task orders. Both corporations bring large-business experience and capabilities which will enable our team to provide exemplary services and products and cost-effective, innovative technical solutions.

Fed_logoPRIME, IntePros Federal is a Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) verified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) founded in 2009, delivering IT and program management enterprise services to multiple agencies/departments of the Federal Government. IntePros Federal has core competencies in IT Governance at the Federal Department OCIO level and in program management, software systems development, life cycle support, cyber security, systems engineering, business process re-engineering, Web development platform management, and network engineering. IntePros Federal operates under a Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI®) Level 3-compliant framework, which is used to ensure consistent task delivery, efficient resource allocation, and effective program and project management on task orders. We use a mature, well-documented development methodology in delivering systems engineering and information management solutions to our customers. Quality Management that is integrated into all of our services and products is based on industry best practices and quality frameworks such as CMMI Level-3, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 20000-1:2005, and the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide. These practices ensure repeatable and efficient processes that minimize cost, maximize deliverable quality, and promote customer satisfaction. The Agile methodology process is used on specific IT projects, with a percentage of management staff certified as Scrum Masters, Certified Product Owners or Certified Practitioners.

ManTech_logoSubcontractor, ManTech holds current SeaPort-e contracts, and invests our team with extraordinary capabilities that cover the full spectrum of the Seaport-e functional areas. ManTech has supported more than a dozen SeaPort-e task orders for various activities, including the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Systems Centers in the Pacific region and in Charleston. Its broad, in-depth capabilities encompass areas related to SeaPort-e functional requirements, among which are development and implementation; mission analysis and architecture; requirements analysis, development, and management; system design and development; tactical systems development and integration; systems administration; modeling and simulation; independent verification and validation; enterprise architecture; concept of operations; risk management; milestone and technical reviews; reliability and maintainability; multi-layer infrastructure; real-time software applications; embedded software engineering; virtual/cloud computing; network and database administration; enterprise systems development; legacy system support; advanced training solutions; systems integration and agile methodologies; rapid prototyping; among other areas of expertise.

SRA_logo_newSubcontractor, SRA is a leading provider of IT solutions and professional services to government organizations, enhancing our team with breadth and depth of experience in all SeaPort-e functional areas. SRA currently holds a SeaPort-e base contract, and since 2005, has supported numerous SeaPort-e activities in multiple functional areas.

In January, 2014, SRA was an awardee on the $900 Million SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic (SSC Atlantic) contract to support Transport, Computing and Infrastructure (TCI). SRA supports mission technology for key SSC Atlantic business areas including Ashore, Afloat, Mobile, Joint, Federal and Coalition Infrastructure. Task orders on the program cover the full spectrum of services and solutions associated with full system lifecycle including: communications, satellite and joint space communications, networks, NETOPs, network management, common computing environment, infrastructure (hardware and software), cloud computing, afloat data centers and server hosting environments, consolidated Network components and wireless networking.

 Our Team’s Services Provided Under this Contract

  1. Research and Development Support
  2. Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
  3. Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support
  4. Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support
  5. System Design Documentation and Technical Data Support
  6. Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support
  7. Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support
  8. Human Factors, Performance, and Usability Engineering Support
  9. System Safety Engineering Support
  10. Configuration Management (CM) Support
  11. Quality Assurance (QA) Support
  12. Information System (IS) Development, Information Assurance (IA), and Information Technology (IT) Support
  13. Inactivation and Disposal Support
  14. Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support
  15. Measurement Facilities, Range, and Instrumentation Support
  16. Logistics Support
  17. Supply and Provisioning Support
  18. Training Support
  19. In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support
  20. Program Support
  21. Functional and Administrative Support
  22. Public Affairs and Multimedia Support

Our Approved Geographical Zones for SeaPort-e

All Zones, 1-7


Points of Contact to provide information on customer satisfaction with IntePros Federal

 Mr. Alan Dickerson, COTR, Department of Labor, (202) 693-2212

Mr. Giovanni Leusch-Carnoroli, Federal Aviation Administration, (703) 229-2097

Description of the IntePros Federal Team’s Quality Management Approach and Quality Assurance Program for SeaPort-e

QA practices that the IntePros Federal Team will employ in support of the SEAPORT-e are listed in the following figure. Our QA methodology is fully integrated with our risk management and project management approach. When developing applications and systems, we apply our Agile processes throughout the system lifecycle to enhance management of technical processes. We incorporate these tools, principles, and processes in project performance.CMMI

Lifecycle QA Practices

The IntePros Federal Team integrates quality practices in each phase of a project.

Tracking and reporting methodologies that will be used by our team for the tasks and deliverables required under the SEAPORT-e contract include CMMI-Level 3, ITIL v3; ISO 9000:2001, PMBOK, and CMMI Level 3. Our team will follow the CMMI practices as shown in the following figure to ensure that levels of performance on the projects are achieved.


Overview of CMMI Processes

The IntePros Federal Team will follow the CMMI Level 3 Process Standardization Practices to manage the work under the SEAPORT-e Program.

Points of Contact for the IntePros Federal SEAPORT-e Program:

Rebecca Robinson, CFCM, Contracts Manager
Email: Phone: 202-800-9980 x 260

Charlie Bixler, COO
Email: Phone: 202-800-9980 x 240

Awarded Task Orders:

Task Order 0001