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IntePros provides internal management control and processes to track equipment ordering, warehouse inventory, receipt and delivery, and provides a monthly status report that includes, but is not limited to, asset description, quantity, value, serviceability, date received, date shipped, destination, shipper, receiver, and Government approver. IntePros performs asset logistics tasks to include, but is not limited to, the following tasks:


  • Delivery of assets from a contractor-provided storage facility to Government locations, to include remote facilities
  • Ensures proper handling, processing, and disposition of all IT assets to include UNCLASSIFIED, SECRET, TOP SECRET, and TS/SCI items
  • Maintains operating procedures in compliance with the Government Asset Management Branch for accepting IT assets
  • Ensures appropriate classification stickers are applied to 100% of all assets and peripherals prior to install.
  • Maintains transport and tracking records for all IT assets in transition from delivery location to installation
  • Provides documentation of transactions in order to ensure asset accountability
  • Maintains specified stock levels as specified by the Government on-site and at contractor provided storage area



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