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Earned Value Management (EVM)

IntePros Federal has a strong competency and superb staff in EVMS services. IntePros Federal supports the FAA EVM program-centric approach in working with government staff to implement EVM and CPIC in an integrated manner to increase the benefits of EVM and implement program performance oversight in a cost-effective manner. IntePros Federal assists the FAA in conducting program-level control assessments for programs that have completed JRC final investment decisions or JRC baseline chance decisions, and supports the implementation of  EVM in a manner that demonstrates FAA’s ability to manage acquisition programs in a manner to deliver quality systems on schedule and within budget.  IntePros Federal supports AES-100 in establishing operational program performance reporting to support the use of EVM following the FAA Government Acceptance (GA) milestone.

Our team uses the FAA EVM Systems Description, the FAA AMS EVM Guide, FAA Program Performance Surveillance Guide, the FAA AMS Integrated Baseline Review Guide, and the FAA AMS EVM Validation Guide to provide program guidance to implement program control functions that assist program management in delivering quality systems on schedule and within budget.  IntePros Federal works with other functional organizations, such as Finance, Acquisition, Service Units, Service Areas, and Program Management to improve the effectiveness of EVM and to reduce the cost of maintaining EVM.  IntePros Federal monitors industry EVM best practices (NDIA, PMI, and ACCEI) and provides recommendations to the FAA to ensure FAA EVM policies are effective and efficient.

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