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Capital Planning and Investment Control Process (CPIC)

IntePros Federal has strong expertise and experience with the Government CPIC process.  For example, our team supports the FAA CPIC process, which is built on a foundation of strategic and operational IT planning that is integrated with processes for the selection, control, and evaluation of IT investments. To support FAA, IntePros Federal provides budgeting and finance and administrative management support and process analysis. The FAA CPIC process is mapped and linked to the enterprise architecture, IT security and privacy, electronic government, IT accessibility and other domains of IT management responsibility. The capital planning and investment control process supports the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-11 and other related legislation from DOT.

IntePros Federal assists the FAA in formulating methods to improve management of program interdependencies, which include enhancing FAA Program Performance Measurement methods, such as establishing standards, synchronizing G/Y/R criteria across multiple program performance measurement reporting systems, performing program baseline reconciliations, and coordinating external stakeholder program performance reviews. IntePros Federal works with other FAA organizations to coordinate and optimize program performance management.  IntePros Federal supports the FAA budget submissions, and provides analysis and general management in developing Corrective Action Plans (CAP), performing IT Dashboard Portfolio monitoring and reporting, JRC program performance reporting, and IT Dashboard CIO scoring. IntePros Federal provides analysis to enhance FAA program performance reporting through improving the reliability of data used to substantiate budget requests. IntePros Federal works closely with the FAA, providing analysis, budgeting and financial support to enable the FAA to effectively manage programs that deliver quality products and services on schedule and within budget.

IntePros Federal uses CPIC methodologies using a program-centric approach, including the development of strategic plans that provide a framework for planning and monitoring investment programs with a focus on the strategic use and prioritization of resources to improve program delivery. IntePros Federal works with existing AES-100 staff to implement Earned Value Management (EVM) and related program performance processes to enhance FAA program performance oversight and reporting. IntePros Federal improves the program performance data quality and the availability of reliable data.  IntePros Federal assists AES-100 in providing EVM best practices to executive management (CIO, VP Program Management) to assist them with methods and practices to enhance program performance measures and reporting.


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