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Applications and Systems Management

IntePros manages, maintains, and administers applications and systems and ensures system functionality as well as service availability to include, but is not be limited to, the following tasks:

  • Provide full life-cycle management to a wide variety of applications and systems that support the day-to-day business functions and processes
  • Support smart modernization and sound enhancement efforts for applications for a variety of organizational functions and processes
  • Modify or enhancing existing applications per customer requirements after documentation has been provided which clearly describes the requirement and/or enhancement to be accomplished and the desired outcome
  • Integrate changes in hardware, software and/or requirements and addressing any performance problems
  • Provide information related to user orientation for the proper use of applications
  • Ensure enclave supports connectivity to the environment


Our customers retain the right to acquire new systems and enhancements to existing systems, outside of our contracts. IntePros Federal turns over all licenses, source codes, products, and ownership to the Government. Any and all developed software, either in part or in full, is and remains the property of the Government. IntePros Federal does not incorporate proprietary software into our client’s architecture unless approved.

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